Benefits of Participation

There are many benefits to participating in a community garden. As well as the obvious benefits of activity, fresh air and meeting like-minded people, here are a few others:


Know Your Food

just-picked carrotsThere are many stories in the media of contaminated food, including fresh produce. Supermarket produce has often traveled thousands of miles before it reaches the shelves and has been grown on some unknown farm, using unknown farming practices and handling methods.

When you grow your own food you are intimate with every aspect of its nurture.

Because you are likely to harvest on the day you eat, your food will be at or near its peak nutritional value. By comparison, supermarket produce may have lost a significant fraction of nutrients in the time between harvesting and reaching your basket.

You are helping the environment by reducing demand for food that has used thousands of gallons of fossil fuels in its cleaning and distribution.

Try New Food

Raising your own food allows you to choose vegetables and varieties that are not generally available in the stores.

Rediscover tastes from your youth!

Grow heirloom vegetables!

Experiment with the latest varieties or crosses!

Discover just how many colors tomatoes and carrots come in!

Foods classed as "specialty" or "gourmet" in a supermarket will generally cost no more to grow than standard fare.

Community Involvement

The Community Garden is a true community of like-minded individuals who are friendly and united in the same purpose. Many snippets of gardening help are traded over the season.

Meeting PlaceThe Garden space is developing into a community meeting place. The handicap-accessible ramp to the St. Onge raised bed garden also doubles as a stage for events. It is the intention of the organizers to hold concerts on the lawn area for participants.

Opportunities To Make A Difference

By volunteering at a non-profit plot or helping to maintain the Open Space, you join a group of active participants who enjoy helping and improving life for our community.

Knowing that you are doing your bit to help others can be very fulfilling. Working in the garden can be a great way to unwind, and is an opportunity to learn "on the job" without having to take on full responsibility for a plot.

Phil and Elliott
Elliott and Phil are recognized by the gardeners for their contribution to maintaining the garden.

Be careful, growing things can grow on you!