How To Get Involved

There are three ways to get involved at the Community Garden. The first way is to rent a plot in the Garden. Stay active by growing your own food or flowers! The second way is to volunteer at a non-profit plot to grow food for others. You don't necessarily have to be a member of a non-profit group to help with their plot at the garden. The third way is to help by maintaining the grounds. There is always work to do maintaining paths, boundaries and general areas. If you would like more information on any of these ways to get involved, please click on the title below.


Renting Garden Space

The plots in Gardens A, B and D can be rented for the season. It is also possible to rent a half plot if you can find a friend to rent the other half. Other half plots may be available, check with Deb Jones for availability.

The St. Onge Raised bed garden plots (Garden C) are free for seniors or those with a disability. There is a wheelchair-accessible platform along one side. After the sign up deadline others may rent these plots.

Priority is given to returning renters in good standing who wish to renew rental of their plot. Rental payments are made to the secretary, Deb Jones, for the new season. Renewals for existing plot renters may be made before season end at Jones Farm, during early winter at the Jones Farm stand at the Winter Farmers Market at AGWAY., and finally at the Spring Opening meeting which is usually held in late January/early February.

After the Spring Opening meeting, plots are allocated to those on the wait list.

To check on availability or register, please contact Deb Jones of Jones Farm at

Click here to fill out and/or print the registration form

The registration form requires you to sign that you will comply with the Rules and Regulations.

Working a Non-Profit Plot

There are plots set aside in the gardens that are FREE for non-profit use. The Chelmsford Mothers Club farms a plot to provide fresh organic food for their members. The Chelmsford Congregational Church members grow food for the Open Pantry of Greater Lowell. The Mobile Food Pantry raises produce for those who are homebound.

If you wish to take part in a new non-Profit effort, please contact for plot availability. If you wish to take part in the current non-profit effort, Deb Jones can also put you in contact with the leaders of the current non-profit plots.

Here are some ways to help at a non-profit plot:

  • Donate money for supplies
  • Donate supplies
  • Plant seeds/care for seedlings
  • Dig over/rake the plot
  • Prepare a bed
  • Plant seedlings
  • water or weed on a schedule
  • Harvest/clean produce
  • Deliver produce to designated recipient

Helping With Maintenance

Maintaining Sunny Meadow Farm is an important activity that requres help for it to run smoothly. Some of the volunteer opportunities are:

  • Spring rototilling
  • mowing grassy areas
  • checking and maintaining the water pumps
  • daily safety checks
  • evening closedown
  • monitoring equipment

Maintaining the site comes under the direction of the Chelmsford Open Space Stewards. The Chelmsford Open Space Stewardship Program volunteers at any open space in town that requests help, and is proactive in monitoring all areas of town that have public access. It was established in November 2005 by residents who enjoy hiking, being productive and doing things outdoors. While the Conservation Commission manages and protects open space property in the town of Chelmsford, the Stewards volunteer to maintain or improve the trail systems within these open spaces – anything from picking up trash and keeping the trails free of fallen trees to replacing worn out bridges and kiosks. Stewards provide a daily presence and ongoing maintenance so these special properties can be enjoyed by all.

Anyone interested in getting involved with this volunteer effort, either at the Community Garden or in other areas in town, please check out the COSS facebook page or call Phil Stanway at 978-273-1474.